The Savory Plate helps you realize your vision for a beautiful event by providing delicious food, presented beautifully in an intimate atmosphere.... what a wonderful combination. Our menus are created and prepared with fresh ingredients and are designed for those special, intimate gatherings. (Meals can be customized based your deepest desire).

Family traditions are often centered around food; whether a holiday, anniversary, vacation, birthday celebration or any other special event. We help you create or enhance those traditions by providing you with a Savory Plate. Our goal is to have your guests talking about your event for years to come. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation!

4 Corners Cuisine is a 3-day and 6-day pre-prep cuisine plan for those with a busy lifestyle and for those with specific training and nutritional requirements. Our weekly pre-prep cuisine focuses on nutrition utilizing the 4 major food groups, combined with spices and preparation techniques that represent cuisine from 4 corners of the globe. Each pre-prep cuisine package contains 6 ounces of protein (chicken, beef, fish), or pasta with meat entrées and two (2) complementing sides; vegetarian options are also available. We offer customize packages for those with specific nutrition requirements.

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